It is an ongoing discussion how we would define a Children’s University program. What is the difference between other outreach activities at universities and research institutions? How do science camps fit into this scheme?

As a matter of fact there is no simple definition as there is not a single scheme for Children’s Universities. Acknowledging this the charter was created in various consultations with different partners and practitioners. The charter can be seen as kind of a mission statement of our association and every member is encouraged to implement the below mentioned principles of the charter in their programs as thoroughly. 

A Children’s University means

  • Encouraging children to be curious and to think critically – the mainsprings of research and science
  • Communicating to them the idea of universities and providing insights into academic culture as well as their role in the society at large
  • Working with young people in such a way as to help universities to be more responsive and open
  • Making encounters between children and “the university” (as a community of academic staff and students) possible
  • Enthralling them with diverse scientific fields (from humanities, to social sciences and natural sciences) and with diverse scientific methods unbiased by commercial interest
  • Giving young people an understanding of their future educational choice and options

A Children’s University is based on the aims of 

  • Providing access for all children without boundaries and on a voluntary basis
  • Involving and providing benefit for children from disadvan- taged groups (including barriers caused by social or economic, impairment, language or gender)
  • Providing an atmosphere of respect without pressure to per- form
  • Contributing to the enhancement of universities as concerning organisational, didactical and research development

You can download a layout version of the charter. white book

The white book is a collection of basic knowhow about Children’s Universities and filled with case studies and other useful information. It was published in 2010 as a result of the first EU-project that lead to the foundation of as a member organization for Children’s Universities. You can order order a hard copy or download the white book. white book download