took the role as a lobbying institutions for the cause of Children’s Universities. Therefore we issued meanwhile a couple of policy papers and declarations on various topics in the context of Higher Education – informal learning and children and young people. All strategic papers have been compiled in collaboration with our members and with external experts.

You are invited to use the declarations also for your purposes to promote your programs. All declarations can be downloaded as single document (see below) but also as a compilation of all of them in our declaration booklet & SiS Catalyst declaration booklet

“Catalysts for Change”
A short reader about the socio-political dimensions of engagement programs for and with children and young people.

The Ankara Declaration of 2011

The Ankara Declaration tackles the issues of responsiveness to children in a modern learning culture.

The Porto Declaration of 2012

The Porto Declaration raises the question on technical challenges in research and education in the context of science engagement.

The Lodz Declaration of 2013

In the Lodz Declaration we discuss the role and responsibilities we have as science communicators in working together with children and young people.

The Vienna Declaration of 2014

The Vienna Declaration was based on considerations about social mobility through Science in Society.

The Poverty Declaration of 2010

Underlining the growing role of Children’s Universities in the non-formal education sector supported the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion 2010 and started with a focus on social inclusion within the network and amongst its members.
EUC.NET Declaration EY2010

The charter

The European Children’s Universities Network Charter is mission statement and constitution of our network at the same time. As every Children’s University is unique in its local context a universal and holistic approach was chosen.
EUCUNET Charter_small