Tricia Alegra Jenkins MBE president from 2011-2018

Tricia Alegra Jenkins was the Director of the International Centre for Excellence In Educational Opportunities at the University of Liverpool, UK and the Principal Investigator of the four year European funded project SiS Catalyst: Children as Change Agents for Science and Society. She joint as one of the academic advisors during the first project phase as a FP7 project (see history). Bringing in her vast experience and different perspective of the long running programmes in the United Kingdom for access to higher education and educational opportunities, she fundamentaly influenced the agenda setting and the development towards a bigger awareness in social inclusion and social justice.
Being one of the driving forces to promote Children’s Universities on a global level she had an important role in the foundation of as a membership organisation. As one of our presidents she always had a strong focus and a mission to give children, young people and marginalized people a voice in higher education and research.

Tricia Jenkins is the founder of Catalyst for Dialogue: a small company with a global network based in Croatia.

Michael Seifert president from 2011-2018

Michael Seifert is specialist in German and Romance studies and trained teacher. He was head of the Department of Public Relations of the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. In recognition of the pioneering work as one of the initiators and main organisers of the Tübingen Children’s University he was awarded with the Descartes Prize for Science Communication of the European Union in the year 2005. He was amongst the pioneers of science communication at universities directly targeting children and young people.