Ethical Guidelines

Guiding questions for working with Children in the context of science communication and engagement. Compiled and edited by the Centre of Ethics at the University of Tartu, Estonia.
Ethical Guide-children


Listening & Empowering Book

A reader of academic articles on the links and overlaps between social inclusion and the science in society agenda with a focus on working with children and young people. Editors Matteo Merzagora, Vanessa Mignan & Paola Rodari.
L_E academic book

What We Recommend

A guidebook to organizing your own “What we recommend” workshops according to public engagement principles. 
The What We Recommend Workshops

Listening and Empowering

This guidelines offer practical tools on how to empower children in their relationship with science, helping them to progress towards a sense of ownership, by using their own motivations to achieve empowerment. Editors Matteo Merzagora & Vanessa Mignan.
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Toolkit Part 1

The Play Your Rights toolkit is designed to promote children ́s participation as a fundamental right. Participation must be an imperative in all relationships established between children and adults or between children and institutions.
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Toolkit Part 2

The Play Your Right toolkit is organized as a series of activities which can be applied as a whole or taken separately to foster attitudinal and institutional change in the relationship between children and adults.
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Toolkit Part 3

The play your rights toolkit provides a summary of different approaches and methods of participation.
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Toolkit Part 4

The play your rights toolkit supports adults and institutions to develop their practice to take children as active players in the learning process.
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