Enhancing Female entrePREneurship in iNDIA)

The general objective of ENPRENDIA is to enhance entrepreneurial culture among female population in Indian Higher Education Institutions while promoting gender equality and gender equity – not only inside the walls of academic institutions but also extending it to civil society and their local communities.

Indian society is characterized by miscellany in caste, religion, languages, festivals, attire, economic status and location, among others. However, for various reasons the representation of various groups of the society in terms of participation within the higher education system has remained historically unequal. The emphasis laid on providing an equitable access to opportunities to female students representing various diversified groups is highlighted in ENPRENDIA.

The project will achieve this by developing a creative and supportive environment at institutional and local community level through the establishment of Entrepreneurial Research Centers (ERCs). These ERCs form together a network, which will serve as platforms to encourage and foster female participation in society, create and share entrepreneurial ideas and at the same time support the bridge that links local communities, enterprises and universities through participation of female population in the socio-economic development of the country. A special mention is devoted to the organisation of activities by ERCs to foster enterpreneurial mindsets among children and young people.

Eucu.net takes part in this Erasmus+ Programme as one of the dissemination partners. 

More information at: http://enprendia.eu/

Image left: Kick-off meeting at the KIIT University (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology), located at Bhubaneswar in the Indian state of Odisha.