“What is Science?”

‘What is Science?’ is a student-led, self-contained workshop for 10-12 year olds. In a single flexible session, the students lead the pupils as they explore the many different types of science, allowing the children to gain a much fuller understanding of everything that science is and what a huge part it plays in their lives. It is a mixture of games, activities, videos, presentations and experiments, which can be adapted to fit different circumstances. 
It does not require much in the way of resources and can be delivered for practically nothing to any number of primary schools. It is a project that allows students to get involved as much or as little as their time and inclination allows, whilst still delivering a high impact workshop to the 10-12 year olds it is aimed at.

English Download: You can download the English pack here [file size 137MB]. As other users translate the pack into new languages these will be uploaded here for use as well, although we will be unable to check these for accuracy and so do not accept any responsibility for their accuracy or content.

Translate Pack: Please click here to download [file size 1,1GB] everything you need to translate the What is Science? pack into your own language. Please note you need access to Adobe InDesign to use the templates.

The "What is Science?" Pack was developed by the University of Liverpool in cooperation with the Liverpool Guild of Students during the SiS Catalyst Programme.

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