15:15-15:20 Soft Opening of the Conference
 15:20-17:00Café Presentations of Outcomes & Tools of the SiS Catalyst Project
 19:00 Welcome Reception at the University of Vienna,
Oskar Morgensternplatz 1, 1090 Vienna




 08:30 Conference Registration
 09:00-09:30 Conference Opening
Sandra Frauenberger (Executive City Councillor for Integration, Women's Issues, Consumer Protection and Personnel, City of Vienna, tbc.)

Heinz Faßmann (Vice Rector for Human Resources Development and International Relations, University of Vienna)

Karoline Iber (Managing Director Kinderbüro Universität Wien; President of EUCU.NET)
 Key Notes
(plenary session)
Michael Hartmann (Technical University of Darmstadt; Dept. of Sociology/Germany)
"The persistence of educational inequality and its consequences - and what would be needed to overcome the mechanisms of its reproduction" [read more]

Emily Dawson (King’s College London; Dept. of Education & Professional Studies/UK;from Sept. on: University College London/UK)
“Towards understanding access and equity in informal science education” [read more]

Eva Egron-Polak (General Secretary of the International Association of Universities/France) “Diversity and local relevance are becoming major challenges for higher education in the 21st century.”  [read more]

 12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
 Working Groups
 (parallel sessions)
WS1    Ethics - Informed Decision Making and Value Games in the context of Science in Society (Margit Sutrop & Heidy Meriste)

WS2    Understanding social exclusion in science communication (Emily Dawson) [read more]

WS3    The Interrupters - Youth Community Engagement to Overcome Educational Barriers (Vaughn Arrington & Sarah Mayne)

WS4    Gender and Social Inclusion in Science Communication (Veronika Wöhrer, Heike Raab & Karin Schneider) [read more]

WS5    Beyond evaluation:Accompanying Research (Sonja Gruber) [read more]

WS6    Institutional Adult-Child relationships – how to balance Equity & Equality (Raul Araujo & Osmar Araujo) [read more]

WS7    Indigenous Science Teaching and Learning Methods - A source of innovation for children universities? (Rene Dubay & Florian Kaiser) [read more]

WS8    Access to (Higher) Education - pathways of success for Roma youth in Europe (Mary Tupan-Wenno & et al.)

WS9    Geographical deployment and social inclusion - Mobile CU’s (Guðrún J. Bachmann, Anna Gunnarson & Silvia Prock) [read more]

WS10    knowledge°rooms - empty shops for open science communication  (Heidrun Schulze & Jeanette Müller) [read more]

WS11    Buddy up! The role of students in science communication with and for children (Melanie Fröhlich) [read more]

 17:00-18:00 Poster Presentations & Case Studies
 20:00 Conference Dinner at the Heuriger Werner Welser;
Probusgasse 12, 1190 Vienna



 08:30-09:00 Conference Registration
 09:00-09:30 Intro for the Open Space - Facilitation Anna Wohlesser
 The Vienna Open Space on Social Inclusion
 (parallel sessions)

"The Open Space Technology is a simple way to run productive meetings and a powerful way to lead any kind of organization, in everyday practice and extraordinary change." See more at
Wrap up of the Open Space
 13:00-14:30 Lunch Break
 14:30-15:00 Exploration of Conference Outcomes
 The Global Dimension - Concluding Positions
 (plenary session)

Abhay Kothari (Manthan Education Programme, India)
Charles Hopkins (York University, UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Teacher Education, Faculty of Education/Canada)
Tricia Jenkins (University of Liverpool, International Centre for Excellence in Educational Opportunities/United Kingdom/EUCU.NET)


Conference Closing Event at the Urania (Albert Einstein and Max Planck gave lectures here);
Uraniastrasse 1, 1010 Vienna
 13.09.2014 City Excursions

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Evening Evening
  Welcome Reception
 Conference Dinner
 Conference Closing Event

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