SiS Catalyst - Children as Change Agents

SiS Catalyst is one of the first Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) action plans funded by the European Commission under FP7 – and it is based upon the very simple idea that present decisions in science and education are significant for tomorrow’s citizens, students and researchers – who are children and young people at this time.

In a fast changing technology-based world, the potential of all young people is in demand – irrespective of their social, cultural or economic background. We believe that Higher Education and science institutions have a leading role to play in the global changes occurring – as hubs of creativity and vehicles for social justice.

SiS Catalyst considers the role which children and young people have in the development of Science in Society – and how science organisations can better engage with young people, both on a practical and a strategic level. In consequence, learning programmes and institutional development shall resonate with a young audience.

The Role of EUCU.NET

Projects from the network of EUCU.NET will act as case studies for a refinement of best practice approaches to SiS activities with children. According to the successful Mentoring Programme of EUCU.NET there will also be a Mentoring phase involving new-comers to the SiS activities and spreading excellence for the active promotion of those model activities all over Europe.

During the project time span EUCU.NET is going to co-host one conference per year as partner and is going to support the development and dissemination of declarations for a change in visions and to clearly show a strategic mindset for SiS activities for children and young people. Those declarations shall trigger a reform process on organisational levels (including mission statements and development plans of universities, research organisations, authorities, ...) and within regional, national and international policies (e.g.the Bologna process).
Experiences of EUCU.NET members and piloting of material will lead to a development of scorecards for a European benchmarking process for SiS activities and child-oriented evaluation tools.

SiS-Catalyst is a four years project (2011-2014) funded under the FP7-SiS „Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Action Plan“ (MML). Within the project are 19 partners organisations and 12 advisors/advisors organisations who will contribute to the work load of ten basic workpackages. The project is coordinated by the University of Liverpool, International Centre for Excellence in Educational Opportunities.

Download a flyer with "you need to know" information about SiS Catalyst SiSCatalyst_Leaflet1.pdf (152kb)

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