‘What is Science?’ - activity pack available

09 Jan 2015 10:53 AM | Cyril Dworsky (Administrator)

The ‘What is Science?’ activity pack is now available on the EUCU.NET webesite.

It is a self-contained workshop kit to engage children with science in various settings. It was designed during the SiS Catalyst project by the University of Liverpool in cooperation with the Liverpool Students Guild to be easily set up by any institution or organisation that works with students.

‘What is Science?’ is a 2–3 hour session (that can be extended) that demonstrates the many aspects of science to children aged 9–12 years. The session starts with some baseline activities to determine
what the young people already know and think about science, and also getting them to think about their own likes and interests.

The main section of the session however is an online presentation, which has a path that guides a class through all the different types of science. Each section includes a video, photo or experiment. The class
members are also encouraged to think of different jobs that use the knowledge found in that topic (for example a sound technician studying acoustics or football coach studying sports science). The session ends with the young people reflecting on how large and inclusive science is, what they like about it, and how it may be related to life.

[workshop kit description by University of Liverpool]

An English version of the ‘What is Science?’ pack is free to download at the EUCU.NET website. Templates for translations in other languages are also available.

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