Turkish Children’s Universities on Tour

2. July 2019


An innovative approach and pilot for models of further international cooperation and exchange is in preparation between the Turkish Children’s Universities Platform and eucu.net. During the Vienna Children’s University in July a special side programme will offer a mini science fair performed by experienced Turkish Children’s Universities delegates.

The turkish colleagues created a multifarious programm from various scientific disciplines. Mini-workshops are going to provide the young students a blink into research and culture at universities. “How to build a Water Rocket”, “Let’s Design a Moon Base”, “How to be more intelligent?”, “Intelligence Games”, “Origami” and “Stone Painting” are the interactive workshops that will be held as hans-on activities at open stands. The programme will offer open access with no required registration to minimize the obstacles due to the different languages.

The lecturers at this “Turkiye Çocuk Universiteleri Platformu Bilim Fuari” come from seven different university all over Turkey: Soner YURTDAŞ (Mersin University), Ayşegül F. YELKENCİ (İstanbul Kültür Üni.), Ebru GÜLLER, Özgür GÜLLER, Devran GÜLLER (Dokuz Eylül Üni.), Hatice YALÇIN (KTO Karatay Üni.), Nurhan ÖZTÜRK-Sema TAN(Sinop Üni.), Nida PALMUT KOŞAR-Cem KOŞAR (Gaziantep Uni.) and Ayşen TÜKEL (Nevşehir H. B. V. Uni.).

A blog post with experiences from this experiement will be published on our website.