Research until after midnight!

20. September 2019

An important event for science engagement is coming soon: At the 27th of September 2019 the European Researchers Night will be celebrated all accross Europe and beyond. The ERN has been held since 2005 as a joint festival to bring together the scientific community with the citizens. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people gather to experiment with each other, to learn about the latest scientific developments, or just to get to know new places in their surroundings, where science is bound to happen.

As a big public research festival the ERN is, of course, to large extend aimed at children and families. Not surprisingly as many times before also in 2019 and many of our members will participate in this event. In addition, is an official partner at two locations: Merscin, the International Mersin Science Night on the Turkish south coast and Sci4All in Vienna on the Danube.
We are looking forward to a varied programme at more than 350 locations from Aberdeen to Zagreb.

Search the European Researchers Night Map (bottom of the page) to find the next event close to your location.