Promoting sustainable wastewater treatment

21. September 2019

Education projects on the topic of the water cycle and the supply with clean water are fortunately numerous because they are clearly of utter importance. We are happy to share new didactical material stemming from the Horizon 2020 project SuperW that was sent to Within the project a group of early-stage researchers developed an educational outreach programme for primary school students in Peru regarding wastewater treatment and energy recovery. This focus on regaining energy with the help of microbes is an important innovative approach and should be explored further.

They worked with researchers and volunteers to teach about new technologies for wastewater treatment and resource recovery. The educational project consisted on theoretical and practical workshops on water and sanitation in rural communities of Jaén, Peru. Watching the great video clip linked to the project it is quite obvious that the kids and teachers responded very positively to the experience.

The project was a collaboration of SuPER-W fellows Marco Hartl, Larissa Terumi Arashiro and Juan Esteban Ramirez Morales with the NGO Engineers without borders (ESF Catalonia) and the Peruvian governmental educational initiative UGEL. (Information from the SuperW website)