First virtual CU lecture in Chrzanów

23. April 2020

by Jolanta Różowska

After a long break, on Saturday, April the 18th, the students of Malopolski University for Children from Chrzanów (Poland) took part in a lecture on forensics entitled “How do you talk to a dog? The tasks of a dog’s nose in forensics.”, which was delivered by Dr. Joanna Stojer-Polańska from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. It was the first of a series of virtual lectures planned by the Malopolski University for Children until the beginning of June.

We have received photos from some of parents of our students showing where and how the students took part in the lecture. We could see that some of them wore their university ID. 😮 We were very grateful to our students for their numerous and active participation in this event.  🥰

During the lecture, Dr. Stojer-Polańska told the students the stories of how dogs are trained for special tasks, such as: searching for missing persons, searching for the drugs or the smell of explosives. 4-legged-officers work in the Police, in the Fire Brigades or at the Military Police. They have extremely sensitive noses and are able to find a man under an avalanche, a man lost in the forest, or indicate where the traces of crime hide. They also have to somehow tell their man what they had found – such lesson they have learn in dog schools.  Our students also got to know other details of  communicating with dogs and their work dogs specifications.

Although it was a virtual meeting, our students were very active in the discussion that followed the lecture. Among many other questions they asked, whether the trained dogs can detect a disease in humans, e.g. a coronavirus and whether other animals (than dogs and horses) work on duty.