EUCU.NET Board elected

25. June 2021

The EUCU.NET Board has been (re-)elected. The delegates voted Karoline Iber, Silvia Prock and Jolanta Różowska as the three Presidents. Chris Gary and Cyril Dworsky are General Secretary and International Liaison Coordinator for the next five years. Anna Schnelzer is now the new external auditor. 

In the latest general assembly of EUCU.NET on the 10th June 2021 a new board had to be elected. Due to the corona pandemic the meeting was organized as an online event only. Therefore, also the complete voting process was organized with an online electronic voting tool. To run the ballots in a professional, transparent and secure manner a well established and reliable paid service ( was used. 

The voting consisted of nine ballots (excluding the registration procedure).

  • the exoneration of the board (which means that the board is cleared by the general assembly from any potential charges of mismanagement after the report of the expenses and earnings and after being controlled by the two external auditors.)
  • the election of the three seats as Presidents of EUCU.NET
  • the election of the General Secretary
  • the election of the International Liaison Coordinator
  • the election of the second external Auditor
  • four ballots regarding motions to change the bylaws of the association. 

All ballots have been decided unanimously or by a large majority. The results in detail:

– Exoneration of the Board: 

Chris Gary presented the financial report of the association together with the control protocols of the two external auditors Alexandra Bykova and Sabine Mund. The exoneration of the board was approved.

– Election of Board Members

There were no additional nominees for the vacant seats of the board and all candidates have been endorsed by the general assembly: 

The delegates voted Karoline Iber, Silvia Prock and Jolanta Różowska as the three Presidents. Chris Gary and Cyril Dworsky were again elected as General Secretary and International Liaison Coordinator. 

– Election of Auditor

As Alexandra Bykova stepped back as external auditor, a new person for this important control function had to be found. In an unanimous vote Anna Schnelzer was elected as the new external auditor. Sabine Mund is the second auditor as before. 

– Four motions for amendments of the articles of the association have been approved. The motions shall provide more sustainability and flexibility for the association.

Adapted or new articles:

  • „The term of office for the General Secretary and the International Liaison Coordinator is five years. Re-elections are possible.” (§11 (3a))
  • „The term of office for the Presidential Board is three years. Re-elections are possible.” (§11 (3b))
  • „The two Auditors shall be elected by the General Assembly for a period of five years. Re-election shall be possible.” (§15 (1))
  • „Be decision of the Executive Board, the General Assembly can either be held as in-person gathering or online. Irrespective of the form, votings in the General Assembly shall always be possible online, regardless of physical attendance.” (§9 (14) to be added)

We would like to express our thankfulness for the big support of our members in this process and the lasting trust in the Board to manage the activities of the European Children’s Universities Network.