EUCU.NET as a membership association has the advantage of drawing upon the experiences and contacts gained from the pioneering project stage as FP7 project. It aims to keep the spirit created by the project, and to carry the idea of Children’s Universities even further. This shall foster their general acknowledgement and give support to individual organizers of such initiatives.

The importance of networking with like-minded people and organisations is really important for the development of good practice. Membership of EUCU.NET will bring you directly into contact with people, projects and opportunities.

Become a Member of EUCU.NET


Join the European Children's Universities Network and become part of a community of individuals and institutions with a passion to work with children in the context of higher education and social inclusion. Your membership supports the development of projects all over the world and allows you to build with fellow members the kind of supportive services and outreach that would be impossible to accomplish alone.

10 good reasons to become a EUCU.NET member:

·       become part of a growing lobbying organisation for projects at the point of intersection of children – science – higher education institutions

·         free attendance or reduced participation fees for the annual EUCU.NET conferences and other activities (excursions, etc…)

·         access to exclusive networking days

·         international training workshops limited to members

·         access to the EUCU.NET forum and other restricted areas of the website

·         use of the EUCU.NET member logo

·         a framework for the exchange of trainers and lecturers

·         involvement in internationally funded research projects

·         free copies or reduced prices for EUCU.NET publications like the White Book

·         regular information via newsletters and other online media services
Institutional membership benefits include:

·         possibilities to promote projects to a broad public within the EUCU.NET newsletter and website

·         nomination of up to five members with all the individual membership benefits* (* Institutions are limited to one vote in the EUCU.NET General Assembly regardless of the nominated members.

Membership Levels and Rates




Yearly Rate

Extraordinary Members

e.g. Students (extraordinary members with no voting rights)


Individual Members


75 €

Institutional Members

Small Institutions/Single Projects (project budget under 100.000 €; 1 vote; 2 members bundle)

145 €


Medium Institutions (project budget between 100.000 and 500.000 €; (1 vote; 3 members bundle)

290 €


Big Institutions & Networks (project budget over 500.000 €; 1 vote; 5 members bundle)

500 €


Sponsoring Members (specially announced on the website; like companies, foundations, public authorities, etc…; no voting rights)

> 1.000 €


Please note: Depending on actual availability of unreserved funds, you may now register your membership as a single project or on individual basis, irrespective of the actual size of your organization/project – and upgrade at any later date to be entitled to a larger number of delegates for EUCU.NET events.

Dues run from January through December. Please note that reduced rates for grant worthy individuals or organizations from low income countries are applicable. For more information contact the General Secretary .

New Members

You can join EUCU.NET online. If you have any questions please contact the office at :

Tel: +43 (0)1 4277 24277 or


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