Truth or Dare?

Dilemmas in science communication with children

SiS Catalyst & EUCU.NET Joint Conference in Łódź/Poland, 23rd -26th October 2013

How controversial can science communication for children be? Do organizers face up to an obligation of communicating difficult topics - like scientific malpractice, responsibility or discrepancies? What about a broader approach of knowledge and a reflection of the not so obvious science issues such as poverty, discrimination, violence, politics or even religion? And how do we find the right words and ways to let children know about? Children’s Universities are a well proven way of providing low-threshold science communication and engagement with the academic world. But how important is a critical view on the choice of subjects and how do we balance fun and skepticism? Are we aware of a tendency for mainstream, easy-going or economy-dependent subjects at the cost of a skeptical and holistic approach? How does this influence the children’s perception of science in general?

At the EUCU.NET/SiS Catalyst Conference in Łodz, Poland from 23rd-26th October 2013 we are going to discuss those ethical and highly sensitive issues. We will explore methods of how SiS for children activities can ask difficult questions and search for answers together with its young participants.
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