WS11: Buddy up! The role of students in science communication with and for children

  • 11 Sep 2014
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Währingerstrasse 29, 1090 Vienna
  • 13


Melanie Fröhlich: Science engagement programs at universities that are aiming to provide children a realistic but guided approach to academia became a valuable part of higher education institutes. Nowadays there are some pilot initiatives which include students in the development and delivery of such programs, but for the most part universities' engagement with children and young people is still without student’s participation. 

The workshop aims to explore the status quo and to discuss possibilities as well as downsides for an active involvement of students within such programs. Moreover, two young students who participated in the SiS Catalyst Internship programme will share their experiences in order to provide some insight of a possible function as bridges in linking children to higher education institutes.

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