WS2: Understanding social exclusion in science communication

  • 11 Sep 2014
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Währingerstrasse 29, 1090 Vienna
  • 11


Emily Dawson: In this workshop we will explore how different aspects of social exclusion in science communication are experienced in our practices. We will start with a mapping exercise to outline which groups do and do not engage with the specific science communication and informal science learning practices that workshop participants are involved in. These maps will be contextualised using international data about participation in science communication and informal science learning so that they can be seen in relation to a bigger picture about participation.

We will then carry out an analytic exercise using extracts from Emily’s research in London with minority-ethnic, socio-economically disadvantaged community and family groups who were involved in accompanied visits to science centres and museums. Participants will work on the data in small groups to unpick assumptions about inclusion, exclusion and how we usually think about these ideas in practice.

Following this exercise a framework for thinking about inclusive practice in informal science learning and science education along with ‘real world’ examples will be used as a starting point for developing practical steps for inclusive practice. In other words, how can we think about the changes that might be needed if we want to try and reach families, children, school-groups, teachers and other adults that we would like to work with.

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