WS1: Ethics - Informed Decision Making

  • 11 Sep 2014
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Währingerstrasse 29, 1090 Vienna
  • 17


Margit Sutrop & Heidy Meriste: In this workshop we are investigating ethical decision-making in the context of real-life situations collected during previous SiS CATALYST conferences. These situations are gathered together for values game dilemmas designed exclusively for practitioners working with children. This gives a great opportunity to discuss different dilemmas with our colleagues and also with our home universities or other organizations.

What are the main values when working with children? How far do the obligations of practitioners go? What are the main challenges or problems that we should take into account in order to make ethically-informed decisions?
Practitioner is a role model for children and this raises the question what kind of people do we want as lecturers or practitioners? Moreover, what kind of values and virtues are essential for empowering children?

These are the question we are dealing with when talking about informed decision-making in ethics.

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