Declaration of consent

Declaration of consent in accordance with § 107 of the Austrian Telecommunications Act

The users give their consent to receive newsletters and emails from EUCU.NET at the email address provided to EUCU.NET. The users are expressly informed by EUCU.NET, that they can express their objection, in written form, to receiving newsletters and promotional emails from EUCU.NET at any time.

Consent to storing data

The users give their consent to having their data stored on the servers of EUCU.NET or on the servers of the companies associated with EUCU.NET in accordance with § 228 Par. 3 of the Commercial Code, or on the servers of providers contracted by EUCU.NET. EUCU.NET pledges to handle the data in a confidential manner, in accordance with the regulations contained in the Data Protection Act.

Consent to data processing

The users expressly give their consent that the data submitted to EUCU.NET is to be processed by EUCU.NET. However, EUCU.NET is not authorized to sell or to disclose the data to uninvolved third parties, inasmuch as these third parties are not engaged in the evaluation.   This declaration of consent can be revoked at any time.

Data protection

The users themselves – inasmuch as this may be necessary – are solely responsible for compliance with the regulations laid down in the Data Protection Law when availing themselves of the services on the EUCU.NET Web Portal. If the users submit personal data, they bear the responsibility, according to the Data Protection Law. In using the storage capacities of EUCU.NET, the users are legally considered as contracting entities as specified by the Data Protection Law.

If the users publicly make information or data available to third parties via the EUCU.NET Web Portal, they are considered to be in the position of a media owner in accordance with prevailing media laws. It is important to note the requirement to make an imprint available.

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