The Porto Declaration on Technology, Education and Young People

Science in Society activities are central building blocks of lifelong learning.
In an open and informal way they promote curiosity, inquiry, creativity
and critical thinking.

Today’s children and young people are growing up in an informationrich
society that is very different from the past. The opportunities they
have to access and use information and communications technologies
(ICTs) enable them to become active global citizens. They are able to
participate in education and research almost anywhere in the world, at
any time and often for little cost.

Access to knowledge that is not dependent on time or place, together
with the development of technology-based learning environments,
will fundamentally change education and research systems. Science in
Society activities must also change.

ICTs have the potential to make knowledge about science much more
accessible. However, we must consider the ethical issues they raise, the
implications they have for the rights of the child, how children and
young people can use ICTs safely and digital literacies. We must also
consider equality of access, for while digital access will foster opportunities,
digital gaps will contribute to disadvantage.

The universities and research organisations that will become the incubators
of new ideas for the future will be those that integrate new
technologies effectively into their research, teaching and engagement
with society.

This declaration was adopted at the
SiS Catalyst and EUCU.NET Joint Conference 2012.
Porto, Portugal - November 2012

(download a pdf-version [120kb] of the Porto Declaration on technology, education and young people)


The SiS Catalyst Declarations shall reflect the societal relevance of our approach: changes in external demands, conditions, policies etc. will be taken into consideration within refined versions of the declaration during four conferences between 2011-2014. As project vision this shall trigger external change in society. We call on you to play an active part in the development of the “New Technologies – Opportunities and Challenges for Science in Society Activities” Declaration of Porto. You will find a copy of a draft version in your conference portfolio. Comments and additions are very welcome!

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