Who organises the conference?

This is a joint conference of the FP7 project SiS Catalyst and the European Children’s Universities Network – EUCU.NET. Participation at the conference is free of charge. The conference is organised by the Vienna University Children’s Office (Kinderbüro Universität Wien), the University of Vienna and EUCU.NET.
SiS Catalyst is a four year science in society project funded by the European Commission. This project is about including children and young people in the dialogue between science and society. The pace of change is accelerating and our children´s ability to operate within the developing technology will soon put them in a position which outstrips our ability to teach them. It is time for a mutual learning for the future. SiS Catalyst is also about promoting social inclusion in the field of education, focusing on young people currently unlikely to progress to higher education. (

The European Children’s Universities Network (EUCU.NET) focuses on the exchange of professional expertise and knowledge amongst organisers of Children’s Universities and similar projects all over Europe and beyond. Although the network was founded as a European platform for cooperation and communication, we involve partners and members from many countries outside of Europe as well. Children’s Universities are university outreach programmes which include a commitment to the encouragement of curiosity and critical thinking, to focus on principal ideas of a university and the diversity of the research fields and methods and to work with children in such a way as to help universities to be more responsive and open.

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